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Go Cloud Solutions specialise in providing eCommerce solutions, website development and we created custom software packages for websites. We quickly developed a niche in designing and building more advanced eCommerce websites that required a complex database structure such as retail websites with hundreds of product listings and a checkout centre.

Over time, our services have expanded to hosting, domains, email and security such as anti-spam, backups and SSL certificates in addition to website and app development. We provide the full range of online services for our clients.


Our Clients

We work with a wide range of organisations from many industries such as

  • Startups
  • SMEs
  • Sole traders
  • Multinational organisations

Our clients, frequently need something a little more advanced than your average WordPress website. Or sometimes they need a complete bespoke solution for their offering. And we know that companies of all sizes prefer to have all of their online services and security with the one company. The benefit here for you is that if you ever need support or any advice, it just takes one phone call or one email, instead of having to contact numerous companies and waiting for days to hear any update.

The benefit for us is that as we maintain all of your online elements, we have the perfect helicopter view of the whole online presence and allows for excellent monitoring and quicker resolutions. We love helping companies to improve their online presence and are only too happy to discuss any project. Check out our pricing plans.

Why choose go cloud

  • Peace Of Mind

    Go Cloud solutions provide peace of mind for your online presence. From our security services to hosting knowledge, you can be confident in having a robust website, email and server all being managed by the one company. Whether you are a new company and getting up and running or if you are a large organisation with a complex IT structure, we can put in place the best solution for your business.

  • Security

    The last thing any company wants is for their website to get hacked, or for a virus to infect their email. We are fully committed to protecting your organisation from malware and other online threats and have built up considerable expertise in this area. Not only do we offer email hosting, and anti-virus solutions, but we also provide email backup solutions.

  • 24/7 Support

    Our clients receive support 24/7. We are happy to answer any queries, and to provide more specialised support whenever it is required.

  • Expertise And Experience

    We have built up a significant amount of experience from when we were founded in . We’ve worked on many challenging websites, custom designed bespoke software solutions, put in place high levels of security and backed up countless bytes of data. We are passionate and committed. We are your online solutions partner for tailored solutions.

Why Choose Us

We work with a wide range of organisations from many industries such as

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